Earth’s changing climate is a fundamental threat to humanity, so it is time to take collective action NOW! Human imagination and creativity can shape a brighter and more sustainable future. We’re a registered team in XPRIZE Carbon Removal.

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W H Y  T O G E T H E R ?
Having invested time and energy into Hempcreteyurt, I cannot build enough to save Megatons or Gigatons of CO2! So creating a community of like-minded people, who want to take action ourselves for the future of our children and the Planet seems a very logical next step. If you, me, we want to build and like this idea, we can decide to build a yurt. Even a Hempcreteyurt. So we build healthier and save a lot of CO2. 

Decided to seek philanthropic support. This means I am thankfully accepting direct donations. Why not a company and corporate path? Would not waste a minute with other activities than the objectives presented above. To me, this is exactly how the XPRIZE competition summary best translates into doing: “(…) it is time to take collective action NOW!” Any funding received above fulfilling goals will be transferred to charities.

N E X T ?
If many people like the idea and sign up building intentions, we can firstly create and present a geographical heatmap of hemp hurd needs. This can be extremely valuable information to farmers, who can plant industrial hemp with a better focus on local needs so that we can reduce transportation costs.

Another point is around producing hemp hurd. In many countries, there are already large-scale producers who have their production facilities, but small and medium farmers will benefit from mobile, on-site processing tools that can be shared across cooperating people.

Will start building ASAP to have a prototype. In the past years, I have been talking to many people from Europe about hemp building. I was delayed and had to let go to build our own, but realized it is more important to build the community and was an early joiner in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal challenge. I see two options now: funded to start building the form that I would create, or will join a sponsor and agree on what and how to build (talked to someone wanting inverted roof slope or another in the other corner of the country). I plan to document and share Hempcreteyurt building in free-form, as well as a subscription model for builders.

If funded, I will build next to my son’s school in the Pilis mountains near Budapest, Hungary. Own, live, and maintain that Hempcreteyurt until living there, then donate to that school community, to give back what earlier received. This location is also ideal to build simpler, smaller, shelter-like yurts with children (objectives 1 and 2 above).

Wholeheartedly thanking all contributions – Istvan