• Generational family circle fractures crafted my motivation to build a healthier home
    • The project took a collaborative focus to raise awareness about our built environment
    • We strive to build an audited carbon-negative building and win XPRIZE Carbon Removal, the largest Global CO2 competition with the combined potential of industrial hemp.
    • We are raising 200k EUR to build the Hempcreteyurt prototype and demonstrate our claims
    • We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team to deliver on it. Can you help get there? 

In the face of a planetary crisis

We find ourselves in a climate emergency, as declared by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Among the most critical environmental challenges is carbon emissions, with the construction industry playing a significant role due to emissions from traditional building materials. The Paris Agreement was about reducing emissions by 45% until 2030. To secure a sustainable and habitable Planet for future generations, collaboration and embracing change are imperative.

Hempcrete – The Regenerative, Carbon-Negative Building Material of Our Future

According to the UN Special Issue on Industrial Hemp (no. 16), this versatile plant can be successfully grown in most parts of the world, capable of healing the Earth by capturing more CO2 than forests.

Hemp was widely used globally for millennia, predating the rise of plastic. While the term “hempcrete” is derived from “hemp concrete,” it is not made of concrete: it is a mixture of hemp shives, lime binder, and water. A carbon-negative regenerative construction material that solidifies by binding CO2 from the air, achieving concrete-like firmness, with outstanding insulation, fire resistance, unique humidity regulation, and mould and pest deterring properties.


Yurt – Circles Empower Collaboration. Symbols Ignite Change

Yurts, tent-like homes of our nomadic ancestors, are undergoing a significant revival in many countries. Hempcreteyurt reevaluates this heritage to build more sustainable buildings, aligning with the World Green Building Council’s recommended key steps toward Net Zero embodied carbon: collaboration, communication, education, innovation, acceleration, and regulation. Hempcreteyurt, united around hemp building collaboration, emerged as an early participant in XPRIZE Carbon Removal, the world’s largest global competition for restoring humanity’s carbon balance.

Resurrecting Tradition: Hempcreteyurt’s Mission for Change


    1. Time’s of the essence as we build the Hempcreteyurt prototype. We’re crowdfunding, gathering grants, embracing philanthropic support – all to engage in hands-on, collaborative hemp-building events.
    2. Our goal is to present a winning concept to the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition, fostering a united global potential to build more sustainable buildings.
    3. We’re raising awareness about our built environment: nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions are tied to buildings, including material production, construction, and operation. The wasteful nature of buildings’ end-of-life practices further burdens nature.
    4. Our vision encompasses establishing industrial hemp pilot farms and scalable processing machinery to provide locally sourced, natural, and carbon-negative building materials.
    5. We are dedicated to developing building environmental footprint certificates (comprehensive CO2 documentation required for XPRIZE competition) akin to existing energy certificates.
    6. We aspire to facilitate the rapid replication of natural building ecosystems worldwide, capable of sequestering Gigatons of CO2 within building walls. Hempcreteyurts could stand as symbols of united efforts to heal our Planet.
    7. Furthermore, we aim to acknowledge carbon-negative farmig and structures through carbon cash-credits.
    8. Assisting governments and bodies in achieving NetZero building targets by 2030.

A Journey Foretold: My Personal Odyssey

With over two decades of Information Technology leadership roles, my devotion to quality improvement has been unwavering. For over three years, building a healthy home and living close to nature has become  a profound personal commitment, rooted from a deep environmental dedication. Undergoing the blessing of fatherhood has also motivated me to create a more accessible and sustainable lifestyle not only for my son but for the following generations. Hempcreteyurt revealed my calling, transcending past flaws to build our cherished family home.

Join us in sculpting a legacy of regeneration! Together, we possess the power to redefine the very fabric of our future.