Having invested time and energy into Hempcreteyurt, I cannot build it alone. Especially not enough to save Megatons or Gigatons of CO2! So creating a community of like-minded people, who want to take action ourselves for the future of our children and our Planet seemed a very logical next step. If you, me, we want to build and like this idea, we can decide to build a yurt. Even a Hempcreteyurt. So we build healthier and save tons of CO2!

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You can donate through Paypal via the Donate button below or the dedicated FundRazr campaign.

Decided to seek philanthropic support. This means I am thankfully accepting direct donations. Why not a company and corporate path? Would not waste a minute with other activities than the goals presented on the Details page. To me, this is exactly how the XPRIZE competition summary best translates in doing: “(…) it is time to take collective action NOW!” Any funding received above fulfilling goals will be transferred to charities.

Wholeheartedly thanking all support – Istvan Nyarady